About Us

North Atlanta Waterproofing was started when the two co-founders, Clent McCullough and Mark Medlin realized a need for better quality waterproofing and mold remediation services than what most of their existing customers were receiving. They also saw that some of the more popular companies were charging extremely high pricess for services that didn’t always match the prices being paid. We’re located in Suwanee GA, but service any residential or commercial customers within a 40 mile radius.

Leading up to the founding of NAW, Clent McCullough owned one of Atlanta’s premier retaining wall companies, McCullough Landscaping. After a decade of providing strategic retaining walls designs to better help his customers manage their erosion control issues, he found himself often helping these customers with waterproofing issues in their basements and crawl spaces. As a certified erosion control expert and also understanding the keys to diverting water movements and stopping water intrusion in his customer’s homes, he gained incredible “on the job” knowledge of the best ways to first prevent water intrusion into the home by properly diverting the water and then sealing the home’s foundation properly.

That’s when his close friend Mark Medlin discussed how he had been assisting countless real estate agencies to test for mold, remove existing mold and treat their customer’s homes to prevent future mold from occurring. Mark’s past experience with his other company, Avandale Pest Control allowed him to develop many relationships with real estate professionals which allowed him to gain valuable knowledge on how to stop and prevent mold.

So, they formed the perfect partnership and that’s how North Atlanta Waterproofing and Mold Removal was born. Two knowledgable partners, each bringing years of real life experience into forming this business.

You will understand on your first meeting with Clent and Mark that you aren’t dealing with guys that just decided to form a waterproofing company. You’re dealing with life long professionals that know their stuff, and have years of real world experience to help them provide you and your family with Atlanta’s #1 waterproofing and mold removal services at the most reasonable prices around.

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