Gutters Installed Properly can Solve Water Intrusion Issues

A large percentage of homes in Metro Atlanta and North Ga have improperly installed gutter systems. Either the installation wasn’t done properly, the gutters have rusted over time and leak, or the gutters are too small to funnel the volume of water running off the roof during a substantial rain.

Properly installed gutters can solve your water issues

We’ve had several jobs where we were able to completely solve the homeowner’s water issues by simply replacing the gutter system. Our gutters are custom fitted for each home. We use 6” aluminum seamless gutters which are installed with a hidden bracket that’s screwed to the fascia, always trying to catch as many rafter tails (framing) as possible during installation. Having these hidden brackets also prevents having to use the older, outdated spike type anchors which eventually pull loose from the house.

If you’re having water intrusion issues in your home’s basement or crawl space, the first place to look is your gutter system. This can many times completely solve the problem, or at least prevent a large portion of the water from getting into foundation or home.

Installing gutter downspout drainage systems is important

gutter drainage system installation in North Atlanta Georgia But having the perfect gutter installation done by North Atlanta Waterproofing is not complete until the downspout systems is properly installed. This sometimes is as simple as extending the downspout 4’+ from the home so the water is diverted away from structure. However, depending on the grade of your yard, it may require installing underground downspout extensions to take the water farther away from the home.

No matter what your situation, our NAW field reps are well trained and can design the perfect system to completely solve your water issues.

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