Mold Removal Services in North Atlanta and North Georgia

If you think your home is safe from mold, you may need to rethink that. Most of the households we’ve serviced in the past have the same scenarios: common water damage from faulty gutters and downspouts, improper drainage in yard from rain runoff, or failing foundation drain tiles that were installed when the home was built. Not only can that water cause damage, but it will also create a new kind of living time bomb: Mold, which can even turn into black mold in the right conditions.

Atlanta’s climate is the perfect environment to promote mold growth

The mold spores are microscopic which means it can spread all over your home without and visible warning signs. The fact is, mold only needs two things to propagate: moisture and darkness. In the Atlanta climate, we definitely have the moisture part of the equation, and every home has deep dark places where that moisture can breed mold, which continues to grow if left unchecked.

Some of the perfect breeding ground for mold growth can be found in your basement, crawlspace, and bathroom. If mold prevention isn’t continuously performed, you and your family can soon experience respiratory problems including allergies, recurring asthma attacks, chronic sinus issues, and even fungal infections. In worse cases, poisoning may occur, and has been known to cause death in extreme, untreated cases.

Because of the seriousness of this issue, we at North Atlanta Waterproofing & Mold Removal aim to be the first responders for these situations. Before mold exceeds the safe level in your home, we will provide expert, proven techniques that will remediate the mold in your home immediately.

Why you should be wary of black mold

Unlike the usual molds we see, black mold is more potent, dangerous and toxic . It creates a greenish black color but it gets tricky to identify among other fungal growth.

black mold removal in north atlanta

If you’re in doubt, just call us and we will inspect your home right away. We will take the necessary steps to prevent the mold from spreading further into your home. With our help, you can rest assured that any mold in your home has been completely removed and stopped in its tracks.

Anytime we see common mold or what we feel may be toxic black mold, we will also perform air quality testing to see the risk factor it may be presenting to you and your family.

DIY mold remedies may be causing you more harm than good

North atlanta mold removal servicesYour DIY remedies might do more harm than good when it comes to mold! Mold spores go airborne anytime you disturb its living environment. Without proper isolation and treatment, it would only spread and transfer to other parts of your home.

To cut to the chase, we offer our customers in North Atlanta and North Georgia an affordable solution for all their mold issues. Our mold removal service is among the most affordable and it’s available in just one call. Contact us right now if you feel you have a mold issue. It may be more urgent than you think!

NAW mold remediation services – what we do

Mold can be highly destructive to your home and your health. To prevent further damage and costly repairs, to minimize the threat of mold born infections, we perform the following steps during our mold remediation process:

  • Remove the source of moisture
    Our battle with mold starts with the cause of the mold growth. We will track and shut down the cause of moisture. Remember, no matter how tough the mold cleaning is, mold will return if it’s not starved of moisture. That’s why we specialize in waterproofing and mold removal.
  • Remove the molds
    For carpeting, wood, and drywall, we would have to completely cut it out and remove it. Then after a complete mold removal service is complete, you would have a contractor install all new materials. After our tear out and before new material installation, we will completely seal and treat all bare studs or vapor barriers.
    In some cases when the mold infestation is massive, we isolate the entire home or area for treatment. If this is the case, we’ll have you contact your insurance company to help with living arrangements as this process can take several days and you won’t be able to live in the home during this treatment period.
  • Clean and deodorize
    After all the mold is professionally removed by our experts, we’ll clean the area and sanitize everything – from your furniture down to your personal items. This is to ensure that we removed all the organic spores. 
    After that, we will deodorize the area to remove any scent of chemical. We will use a special filtration technology to remove any free-floating spores and dirt in the air. This way, we will leave you with a breathable space, which will be 100% better than when we first arrived to attack this mold problem.
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