Loganville Ga Basement Waterproofing and Mold Removal Services

North Atlanta Waterproofing and Mold Removal has been keeping basements and crawl spaces in Loganville Ga dry and waterproofed for years. Along with keeping water out of your home… we’ve found that many homes already have a certain degree of mold growth ranging from minor and barely detectable to major toxic mold that’s most likely causing health issues to you and your family.

Testing air quality for Mold in your Loganville home

That’s why we also use the most advanced air quality testing systems to determine to what extent you may be in danger of mold related issues. Once we know the extent and what type of mold you have, whether the spores have already become airborne and where it’s located in your home… we can then perform our state-of-the-art mold removal and remediation services.

Is water standing in your yard after a rain?

Having rainfall in the amounts we have can cause wet or damp basements, wet and moist crawl spaces and standing water in your yard after a severe rain will almost always find its way into and through your home’s foundation.

Once you contact us at NAW, that’s where we’ll begin troubleshooting. We’ll assess the grade and slope of your yard to see where the water runoff is going. Sometimes it can be an older – failing retaining wall that’s not diverting water properly. In this case, we have a close working relationship with Atlanta’s best retaining wall contractor.Loganville pond water in yard because of incorrect water drainage system

Foundation water leaks – A project for expert waterproofing pros

However, sometimes the water intrusion isn’t so apparent. You may have an older home that didn’t leak for years but has recently started leaking into the basement of crawl space. This is most likely because the original drain tile system installed by the builder has become clogged and all that foundational water isn’t being taken away from your home anymore. Now it’s coming in through the concrete foundation or footer, or concrete block walls. This hydro-static pressure builds up over time, and once everything is completely saturated, there’s only one place it can go. Yep, you guessed it! Into your home.

New aluminum gutters can sometimes resolve your Loganville water issues

But we’ve also seen in many cases that Loganville homes have gutter systems that are improperly installed, old and rusty, or just plain non-existent. Your home’s gutter and downspout system may be the culprit if you’re experiencing water intrusion into your home. We have professional gutter installers that can custom fit and replace your gutters with the most efficient aluminum gutters in Loganville Ga.

Metro Atlanta climate perfect for water intrusion and mold growth

Loganville as well as the rest of Metro Atlanta and North Ga have to perfect climate to promote mold spore growth, and it can spread rapidly if not dealt with. Because of the amount of rain we receive in the Loganville area, many homes have either minor of major water intrusion issues, sometimes unnoticed until the musty smell becomes strong enough to cause concern.

Loganville Ga’s best waterproofing professionals!

That’s what we are here for! We are the top basement waterproofing company in North Atlanta, including your area here in Loganville. Contact us today if you’re having any water leaking into your home or you’re smelling that musty air smell which is inevitably mold growth in the crawl space or basement.


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